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Forming in 2020 during the world wide shut down, She brings a combustion chamber of heart-pounding rhythm with eclectic melody.


Releasing the single “Comatose” into the airwaves on New Years day 2021, the band has been heard across the United States and several countries around the globe. Opening for bands such as Sons of Texas, Local H, Saliva, and other national acts, She’s live performances are deliberate, precise, and on point. Never lacking in enthusiasm, the band brings a raw energy to the stage unlike any other.


The bands newest single “The Devil You Know” was released on January 13th, 2023.  The band is currently in the studio finishing their first album release.  She is: Damian Baker, Danny Norton, Vejay Burris, and Dylan Woodall.

SHE 2023 - 7-Edit.jpg
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